Building A New School & Bringing A Resident Doctor for the KI Reserve

The reserve called Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI) does not have grade 11 or 12 on reserve. In addition, the education is 2-3 years behind the Ontario public school system. With both of these factors at play, the incentive to pursue further academically is low simply because the resources are not available. However, that will soon change! Third World Canada, along with other third parties and myself are working towards building an additional part of the school to provide grade 11 and 12 to students and other residents whom wish to receive their high school degree. The charity Third World Canada and myself hope that this will increase the quality of life on reserve. Moreover, provide more chances for students and other residents in the reserve to pursue their dreams which would not be possible without a basic high school diploma.

As said in the title of this post, I have started a second project that will also significantly increase the quality of life for the residents of the KI reserve. I am trying to bring a resident doctor to KI to provide medical services that are not currently available. Moreover, I am not only trying to bring a resident doctor, but I am also making sure the doctor stays a minimum three years and is able to train another doctor as a replacement to provide the necessary services for the reserve. My goal is to make sure that the reserve never has to face a day without not having access to a doctor!

At the moment, a doctor only visits once every month. Moreover, if a resident of the reserve needs an X-Ray, MRI, or a doctor to deliver a baby, the residents need to fly out of the community to receive such services. This harsh reality is wholly inadequate. Myself and other organizations are trying to accomplish this historic goal.

I will write an update soon as more progress is made!

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