New Year, More Hope

Muriam Fancy
Founder & Director of Indigenous Relations
One Nation, Two Worlds

In 2015 the world faced many catastrophes resulting in anger, sadness, and loss spreading across countries like tsunamis, always rolling in but the size cannot be predicted. These catastrophes included the Syrian crisis, the Paris attack, Greece voting a ‘no’ on bailout, and the continual mass shootings in the USA. The list of tragic events goes on and on, and sometimes leaving no room for the world to heal. However, there were some great things that came about in 2015 like the COP 21 summit, the UN passing a resolution for a Syrian Peace Process, and a new Canadian Prime Minister!

Most of us likeminded people are praying for 2016 to be a year of positive actions resulting in peace and prosperity for all regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation etc.  The amount of suffering and grief that was human kind faced in 2015 is incomprehensible and frankly at times defies all logic.  We desperately need 2015 to be a turning point in the right direction for the citizens of this planet.

We can hope for peace, but we must also be agents of change to ensure that peace occurs. With our current technology, increased access to resources, and most importantly living in a developed nation, our capability to do something great for others is only limited by our sheer lack of will.

This year must to be a year of more positive action and less perpetuation of fear mongering. This is something I constantly need to tell myself now days. As you can see I haven’t written anything since May of last year. This is not because I haven’t done any projects or haven’t been working as hard, but it’s because as the famous saying goes “life happens”. I had my first job this summer, and started my first year at University of Toronto… And along with these new momentous steps, add in the constant bombardment of bad news from around the world. There was too much to digest and I like a lot of people was struggling to simply understand it all.

The number of opportunities and chances there are at UofT and in Toronto in general as an agent of change is infinite. The only condition is that you have to be committed and be sincere. However, being surrounded with so many incredible people like Dr. Cindy Blackstock, Andree Cazabon, my father and even the UofT First Nations community as a whole, you can see how the passion to make a difference is seeded deep into their core and that’s not only extremely admirable but contagious as well. In conclusion, I am committed to my role as an agent to propel change in the positive direction this year and for years to come and to stay connected.  I will be in touch every Friday via my blogs.

My plan is that every other Friday I upload a post about a social justice matter that are important to myself and/or a current important issue. I hope to tell you all about what projects I have already


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