I was sitting in a coffee shop sipping my hot chocolate and watching the birds fly by, with the cool breeze blowing my beautiful brown silky hair. Then I wondered what makes me, me? Who am I really?

I am a nine year old Muslim girl who is watching an “interesting” presidential election in the year of 2016 and hearing words that are unexpected and a little scary. I’m scared that after the election is over my family and I will be watched or followed by the government because we are Muslim. Maybe I won’t be able to drink hot chocolate at the coffee shop with my family? I am also scared that some of my friends will have to leave. I don’t like to hear about walls or not allowing my grandparents from entering the country because they are Muslim. This is crazy!

So I spoke to my parents about my fears, and they told me that in America no one can do anything to you as long as you are good. I was so happy to hear that. So I thought who am I really, I am a true American who will do good things to make my country wonderful.

– Ameena Khan


Along side being a proud supporter and ally to Indigenous peoples to fight the injustice they face, I (Muriam Fancy) am also reminded that I am apart of a group whom is also being perceived in a negative light, and even targeted in some parts of the world. My family, friends, and others face discrimination internationally through different forms, whether it be on social media or violent confrontations. No matter the form we are faced with this question of whether we should be afraid to hide who we are? Is who we are going to stop us to who we want to become?

Ameena Khan has proven that you don’t need to hide who you are to be who you want to become. If you do good, you do not fear acceptance from anyone else, rather you come to accept yourself. Discrimination, racism, and bigotry surrounds us, but Ameena has proven that does not mean we cannot confront it.


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