Rise In Sexual & Physical Assaults in First Nations

First Nation teen assaults both physically and sexually are rising quickly. Based on the evidence provided I believe this is because of where the government has placed them in society not only geographically, but also socio-economically. The Canadian government has not provided the support for the First Nations needed in order to fully merge into society. Not only do they have lack of support, they are also bullied by the government therefore making them a vulnerable population. As result their place in society is very low due to how the government has portrayed them. Thus, the members of RCMP deem the First Nations as vulnerable and easy to hurt.

The government states that the assaults to the First Nations teens is not because of their ethnic background. However, the cases of the numerous assaults tell us differently. Researchers have also stated that after the assault the teens are resorting to depression, drugs, and alcohol. This is resulting from the traumatic experience of  the assault. Once these teens fall into these addictions, the next generation of First Nations will suffer. In short, these assaults against these teens are not only hurting them and their families but the next generation. Actions to prevent assaults are currently being discussed. However, these conversations have started last year (2012). The government is truly taking their time to handle such a serious matter.

The justice system in Canada has truly taken the role of mistreating the Aboriginals. With Jamie Haller and the 18 year old girl (who’s name remains anonymous based on provisions) the justice system has voted against both girls. Both instances allowed the RCMP to get away with their crime with a small penalty. The B.C. First Nation Summit & the B.C. Assembly of First Nations with two other groups felt that both instances are clear examples of how the RCMP and justice system are abusing Aboriginals. Everyone feels that the mistreatment of Aboriginals has to stop. Now it is the governments turn to realize the damage they are creating.

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