August 24, 2013


To date, I (Muriam Fancy) have given fourteen lectures to students varying in age from grade 4 to grade 10. I have also held two drives, one winter clothing drive and a school supplies drive. Both drives were successful in providing aid to the KI community.

Here is a list of some of the venues (including schools) that I have spoken at:

  • Richmond Hill Montessori School
  • Bishop Strauchen School
  • Country Day School
  • YMCA
  • Lt. Governor Forum for First Nations
  • Dearcroft School
  • TMS College
  • Upper Canada College
  • Crescent Boys School
  • Human Rights Tribunal for First Nation and Child Welfare (I did not speak here, I attended the tribunal).
  • Free  the Children
  • Dalla Lana School of Public Health (University of Toronto)
  • International Development Conference (University of Toronto)

The focus of these lectures was to educate the students about the plight of children their age living in the community of KI. These lectures were focused on raising awareness about the fact that there are children living in third world conditions not in a far away country but rather in our province. This information was received well and caught the attention of students, teachers, and the respective schools communities.

If you would like me to present a lecture on this issue to your student body at your school please contact me at   I would be honoured and humbled to present to your school.

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